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Dietary Preferences

Sometimes we add free items that might contain ingredients like wheat or dairy that you prefer not to have. Select from any of the dietary preferences so we don't include those items.

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Pickup Method

How would you like to get your share?

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Start Date

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  • How many weeks from your pickup day do you want to delay your start? *

    Please note this number is weeks not days! The start date is calculated from the first available pickup day. For example let's say you purchase a subscription bag on Monday night and you selected your pickup day to be Wednesdays. You select that you want to delay your start time and you select two weeks. Your start date would be two weeks from the your first available pickup dayMax: 5


Would you like to add any extras onto your weekly bag?

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  • Salsa Choice *

    All Salsas are made locally by Two Men and a Garden

  • Chocolate Choice *

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    Please Note:Anything you add on here will be added to your bag weekly

Special Notes and Requests

Share with us any special requests or substitutions that would make the box a better fit for you. It's our job to give you what you want, please don't be shy! We are happy to accommodate your requests

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