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  • Build Your Own Bag

    Our year round custom CSA Bag is designed to provide you with the ultimate flexibility and personalization for your grocery needs. You...

  • Salad Bag

    This bag is a simple addition to your existing meals. It comes with the 4 produce items that are perfect ingredients to...

  • Essentials Bag

    Cover your weekly essential grocery needs with this bag. You’ll get a selection of typical seasonal and/or year round produce and pantry...

  • Pantry Bag

    The Pantry Bag is a selection of kitchen staples including eggs, your choice of milk, your choice of bread, and a produce...

  • Garden Bag

    The Garden Bag is a curated selection of seasonal, fresh, local produce. Enjoy a delightful array of seasonal fruits and vegetables straight from our community’s gardens. Select the kind of...