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We're a local-first Food Co-op in New Melle Missouri offering produce, dairy, meats, bulk items, and grocery staples. This is a place where your purchase supports 50+ producers from the Greater St. Louis Area.

A Convenient Place to Find Local Food, from 50+ Local Farmers, and Get Grocery Staples

  1. Fresh Produce
  2. Dry and Wet Bulk
  3. Pasture Raised Meat
  4. Quality Dairy
  5. Grocery Staples
  6. Lifestyle and Home

We live by one simple rule:
If we can get it local, then we do.

We support local farmers and artisans, promote decentralized food resilience through direct sourcing, and follow a relentless standard of freshness. Together, we nurture a sustainable, community-driven food system that gives more than it takes.

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Trust and Integrity Where It Matters 

Our Sourcing is Everything

We live by an innovative standard of exchange that inspires how we interact as community within our local food system.

  1. From The Farm

    Farmers using practices that regenerate the earth and heal the mistakes of industry 

  2. To the Co-op

    A hub putting people first, sourcing froms farms, and guided by simple standards

  3. To its Members

    People choosing what to feed their families and the impact these choices have.

How it Works

Join the Co-op

Discover our model, and explore our values actively shaping our local food system. Embrace a vibrant community today.

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  • Learn About What We Do

    Discover what makes us unique. Learn about our commitment to sustainability, community wellness, and supporting local producers, and what it means to join a private food co-op and be a Member of it.

  • Decide to Become a Member

    Choose to become part of our vibrant community. Embrace a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle by committing to your local food system and enjoying the benefits of belonging to it.

  • Fill out the Member Agreement 

    Complete our member agreement to solidify your dedication to our values and principles, further integrating into our vibrant community. There is two Member options, learn about them here.

  • Access Co-op Offerings

    Explore our co-op's offerings. Gain access to locally sourced, fresh produce, and exclusive member benefits, enriching your journey towards a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

  • Step into your Local Food System

    Dive deeper into your local food system. Take an active role in shaping our community's food landscape, fostering sustainability, and enhancing family's access to fresh, living food.

Why Join a Private Food Co-op?

Our Community is Strong

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Eating Made Easy

All year round customizable food subscription featuring seasonal, locally sourced produce, dairy, bread, and pantry staples with flexible payment and delivery options
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  1. Customize Your Own or start with a pre-made option
  2. Payment Plans That are Flexible
  3. Set your own Pickup Day and Time
    • Build Your Own Bag

      Our year round custom CSA Bag is designed to provide you with the ultimate flexibility and personalization for your grocery needs. You...

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    • Salad Bag

      This bag is a simple addition to your existing meals. It comes with the 4 produce items that are perfect ingredients to...

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    • Essentials Bag

      Cover your weekly essential grocery needs with this bag. You’ll get a selection of typical seasonal and/or year round produce and pantry...

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    • Pantry Bag

      The Pantry Bag is a selection of kitchen staples including eggs, your choice of milk, your choice of bread, and a produce...

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    • Garden Bag

      The Garden Bag is a curated selection of seasonal, fresh, local produce. Enjoy a delightful array of seasonal fruits and vegetables straight from our community’s gardens. Select the kind of...

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Food As Medicine

Functional Nutrition Offerings

Explore the healing potential of food as medicine. We partner with JG Optimal Wellness to bring Nutrional Therapy to our community. Every Member of the Co-op receives discounts on Nutritional Therapy services, and Owners receive even more.

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  • NAQ + Consultation



    In this package, you will take the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire and I will give you your results and a strategy moving forward on our call.

  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire



    You will fill out a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire and I will send you the results of your assessment. There are no calls included in this package.

  • Functional Nutrition Strategy Consultation



    1 hour 30 minutes Online/Video chat discussing your current state and practical next steps forward to a healthier you.

Not sure where to start?

Join our vibrant food co-op community today! Gain access to locally sourced, fresh produce while supporting sustainable practices and local farmers. Together, let's cultivate a healthier, more resilient food system. We are happy to answer your questions. Provide us with your name and email and we will reach out to you.

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