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Building a Local Food system remedies the negative effects of a commercial food distribution. Thriving economies and ecosystems depend on the success of re-localization movements.

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Be Nourished

Local Food

The most diverse selection of Clean Local Food in the St. Louis region. Our Shelves are stocked with high quality items grown and made by loving hands in pure environments. Everything in the Co-op meets our standard of goods and growers. Instead of spending your time reading labels, you can focus on what sounds good, and trust that it is good for you and your family. Order online today.






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Gather with experts and guides who share valuable skills and practices that nurture a healthy mind body and soul.

Building a Community food system remedies the negative effects of a commercial food distribution. Thriving economies and ecosystems depend on the success of re-localization movements.

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In order to purchase food at the Co-op you have a be a Member. Become a Member today for free or an Owner and shop in a warm community space filled with local food.


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  • 10% off Co-op Select Items
  • 2 Free Educational Classes per Month
  • Invitation to Equity Member Meetings
  • Co-op Annual Distributions


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  • Access to Food Co-op
  • 2 Free Educational Classes per Year
  • Invitation to Yearly Gathering

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Ownership Info

Step into your Community Food System. As an Owner, you have an opportunity to shape the expression of the New Melle Food Co-op.

Some of the Owner Benefits include:
• Storewide discounts
• Free tickets to educations classes
• A seat at decision making meetings
• Annual Distributions of Financial excess
• Access to the Community Tool Trade

As a cooperative, if the Association flourishes and there is financial excess, then distributions of said excess are granted to all Owners through Certificates Units of Interest. When an Owner signs up with our system, they are immediately emailed a personalized copy of the CUI. This CUI entitles them to a “share” of the Association distributions when excess is present. Excess is defined through the budget prepared and approved by the Board of Directors.

Distributions are granted annually at the end of the operating year based on CUI’s. Each distribution per CUI will be identical, and no owner shall hold greater interest in the Association overanother. Owner’s may revoke their Distribution in which case the apportioned amount will remain with the Association.

All Owners are invited to our Monthly Equity Member Meetings. At Equity Member Meeting (Decision Making Meetings), the Board of Directors shares a progress update with all owners and presents any items that need to be voted on by the Owner body. The collective majority opinion of the sum of all Owners present will constitute one board vote.

Our Association operates Sociocratically. This means that regardless of the organizational structure we prioritize the sincere feelings of everyone and do our very best to listen and honor their questions, concerns, comments, or ideas.

Owner’s receive discounts on Co-op select items. The Discounts may range from 5-10%.

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