Upshot Roastery

Our brewing philosophy focuses on framing both of these qualities not only in your cup, but in a space where commerce and thoughtful food intersect.

Honeymoon Chocolates

Honeymoon Chocolates officially began in a dorm room kitchen when Co-Founders Cam and Haley first began making bean-to-bar craft chocolate as a hobby. Honeymoon was founded in 2016 and specializes in bean to bar craft chocolate sweetened solely with raw honey. Our first and foremost reason for making chocolate is to address the decreasing supply […]

River Hills Harvest

All River Hills Harvest elderberry juice products are made with100% not-from-concentrate American elderberry juice, so you get the most out of our elderberries. ​ Made with USA grown American elderberries, Sambucus canadensis. Purchased directly from farmers. We are farmers. We are makers. We are lovers of life and health.

Blue Heron Orchard

Blue Heron Orchard has practiced organic farming since 1990 when the trees went into the ground. We became the first certified organic apple orchard in the state of Missouri in 2000. We promote awareness of health and well-being through a culture of small-scale family farming, community, sound environmental practice and fine organic cuisine. Blue Heron […]

New Melle Food Co-op Kitchen

From seed to tree to we craft simple meals and food items that do not distract from the natural essence of the raw ingredient. When we combine foods, we combine then synergisticaly.

Confluence Kombucha

Kombuchery offering 8 flavors of kombucha on tap:::fresh & foraged ingredients, glass-fermented, innovative and fun for everyone:::resource for healthy living and support along the journey:::open community space for meet ups

Olea Estates

Today, the Olea Estate is home to an increasing number of olive trees that all four generations tend to and work hard to keep alive through droughts and freezes.Basiloperama We hand pick the olives only when they are ripe on the tree, transport them straight to the village spigot a couple of miles down the […]

Little Lost Kitchen

My name is Jessie Conlin and I am the owner and founder of Little Lost Kitchen. My friends and family have helped me launch this small specialty food shop and have been fully supportive, for which I am extremely grateful. I refer to my husband as my silent partner and favorite co-worker since he helps […]

Winslow’s Farm

Ecological considerations play into every management decision we make, from soil preparation to the timing of turning a spent crop under. Tending perennials and annuals around in the fields provide forage and habitat for native insect and bird populations and contribute to pest control on our growing field. We also practice crop rotation, cover cropping, […]

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Ownership Info

Step into your Community Food System. As an Owner, you have an opportunity to shape the expression of the New Melle Food Co-op.

Some of the Owner Benefits include:
• Storewide discounts
• Free tickets to educations classes
• A seat at decision making meetings
• Annual Distributions of Financial excess
• Access to the Community Tool Trade

As a cooperative, if the Association flourishes and there is financial excess, then distributions of said excess are granted to all Owners through Certificates Units of Interest. When an Owner signs up with our system, they are immediately emailed a personalized copy of the CUI. This CUI entitles them to a “share” of the Association distributions when excess is present. Excess is defined through the budget prepared and approved by the Board of Directors.

Distributions are granted annually at the end of the operating year based on CUI’s. Each distribution per CUI will be identical, and no owner shall hold greater interest in the Association overanother. Owner’s may revoke their Distribution in which case the apportioned amount will remain with the Association.

All Owners are invited to our Monthly Equity Member Meetings. At Equity Member Meeting (Decision Making Meetings), the Board of Directors shares a progress update with all owners and presents any items that need to be voted on by the Owner body. The collective majority opinion of the sum of all Owners present will constitute one board vote.

Our Association operates Sociocratically. This means that regardless of the organizational structure we prioritize the sincere feelings of everyone and do our very best to listen and honor their questions, concerns, comments, or ideas.

Owner’s receive discounts on Co-op select items. The Discounts may range from 5-10%.

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